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10 Awesome Social Skills Activities for Kids

Kids and teens love having fun. But what if they could have fun while learning crucial, lifelong skills? It may sound too good to be true, but we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best social skills activities for kids that are as entertaining as they are educational! 1. Play Board Games What kid doesn’t love […]

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Social Skills Curriculum Stops Political Nastiness

Wanted: Social Skills Curriculum “You feckless complicit piece of s#-t!” the attention-seeking comedienne(?) Kathy Griffin tweeted to the First Lady of the United States. In today’s highly charged political climate the vitriol coming from both sides of the aisle is sadly not surprising. Inappropriate, hateful comments, like that of the uncivilized Griffin, are routinely hurled […]

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Raunchy Tee Proves Mom Needs a Social Skills Curriculum for Elementary School

Texas mom needs a social skills curriculum for elementary school. Shelly McCullar, the mother of a 10-year-old, says she sent her son to school, inadvertently, in a lewd t-shirt. The provocative shirt depicted the iconic McDonald’s “golden arches” using an illustration of a woman’s spread legs, knees up, stiletto heels…use your imagination.  Highly inappropriate for […]

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Bad Social Skills Can Be Criminal!

Bad social skills can be considered criminal! Kirsty Sharman, a twenty-six-year old resident of Staffordshire, England has pleaded guilty to a public order offense after displaying terrible social skills. Sadly, Sharman’s actions prove she was never socialized and doesn’t understand how to behave properly in a civilized society. What is the nature of your emergency? […]

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Five Tips for Expressing Opinions Politely

Teaching elementary and middle school aged children social skills is more crucial today than ever before. One recent survey shows that seventy-seven percent of people polled think social skills are worse now than they were just twenty years ago, and seventy-two percent of respondents believe cell phones have encouraged a lack of social skills.   […]