social skills trainer

During his confirmation hearing for a seat on the United States Supreme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch was asked about the legacy he hoped to leave behind after his death. He used the following quote by George Bernard Shaw to help answer the question.

“This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; the being thoroughly worn out before you are thrown on the scrap heap.”

He elaborated by adding that he hoped to be remembered for the kindness that he showed people along the way.

What greater legacy could anyone hope to leave behind?

  • Pick a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one
  • Attack your purpose with gusto
  • Be kind to other people

Judge Gorsuch’s thoughtful answer resonates with me.

We can’t all be on the Supreme Court, there are a limited number of seats.  We can, however, all leave a legacy like Judge Gorsuch hopes to leave.

To me, teaching children social skills is a mighty purpose. Social skills trainers help maintain and uphold society’s code of conduct.


Society’s code of conduct is a set of unwritten rules according to which people in a particular group, or situation are supposed to behave.


Without a code of conduct, society would be a chaotic, cold and heartless place. An ordinary trip to the grocery store would be harrowing, and dining in a restaurant, unpalatable. We wouldn’t be able to go to the theater, ride an airplane or visit the DMV because interacting with other citizens would be impossible. Our societal code of conduct allows us to brush elbows with strangers with a 99.9 percent certainty that those strangers won’t bother us.


It is the responsibility of society’s adults to pass down the unwritten rules of the societal code of conduct to our youth. If children are not taught social skills rules, they do not have the tools they need to be productive members of society. It is very difficult to get along with those who do not have a firm grasp of social skills because they offend us.


In a recent poll, seventy-three percent of participants replied that most people’s manners are worse today than twenty or thirty years ago. Those surveyed attribute the tragic decline in manners to a failure by parents to teach proper social skills.


Social skills trainers alleviate the problem of children not learning appropriate behavior. They pick up where busy, stressed-out parents leave off. Social skills trainers ensure that the future generation is equipped with those necessary social skills, manners and etiquette rules so vital to a healthy society.

Social skills trainers work diligently to help society remain on course. They have a noble calling that society now more than ever cannot function without.

Whether you are a teacher who wants to impress upon your students the importance of being kind and respectful to one another, or an entrepreneur who wants to start a social skills business to spread civility throughout the community, social skills training is an honorable cause.

I believe that Judge Neil Gorsuch would be proud of us, the defenders of society’s code of conduct. We work hard to ensure that traits like the one he holds so dear, kindness, are nurtured. Social skills trainers have picked a purpose recognized by ourselves as mighty. We will work hard with our young students until that day when we are thrown on the scrap heap. Our legacy will live on as future generations treat each other with dignity, respect and kindness.