make money teaching social skills

Can I make money teaching social skills?

Yes you can make money teaching social skills! Society needs people to teach children and teens social skills.

Use these five smart strategies and open a successful social skills training company.

Five Smart Strategies to Make Money Teaching Social Skills

  1. Become an Expert

The only way to be a successful social skills trainer and make money teaching social skills is to become an expert in the field. You must provide a flawless service that is of benefit and value to your customers. You want your customers to love your social skills classes and in turn tell their friends. Word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising and will help provide you a steady flow of customers. Consumers have choices and if you become an expert you will be the best choice. 

  1. Always Remember You Have Two Jobs

Job 1: Be a fantastic social skills trainer

Job 2: Be a fantastic marketer

Customers don’t just come to you-you have to go out there and get them. As we love to say around here, “Hope is not a strategy.” A great social skills business owner is always honing his or her skills as a trainer and always marketing. Social Skills Company provides you the best social skills curriculums and training information to become a fantastic social skills trainer. We also provide you expert marketing content to be a fantastic marketer. If you do your two jobs well you will make money as a social skills trainer.

  1. Network, Network, Network

Social skills trainers are local service providers. They provide a needed service to the members of their communities. If you open a social skills training business it is your job (Job 2: Be a fantastic marketer) to get to know and work with the leaders in your community. That means that you must join business groups and attend their networking events. When people discuss improving the community by ensuring that children and teenagers are being taught social skills and life skills you want your name to be first on their lips as the go-to social skills trainer in your area.

A few of the big ones are:

BNI – Business Networking International

MasterMind Groups

Women in Business Networking

Chamber of Commerce

All of our train-the-trainer certification programs teach you how to network because we want your social skills training business to be a huge success. We want you to make money as a social skills trainer!

  1. Bootstrap: Build a Business Out of  Virtually Nothing

Since I started offering social skills training programs over ten years ago, prospective social skills trainers have asked me why I don’t charge more. I have actually lost sales because I don’t charge thousands of dollars like some of the other training companies. I guess the distorted logic is, “These programs must not be as good because they aren’t priced astronomically.”


The reason I don’t charge thousands of dollars for my social skills trainer certification programs (even though I could because they are GREAT) is because how will YOU have enough seed money left over to start your business if you spend it all on your trainer certification?

I want you to spend as little money as possible! I have opened four companies and I have never borrowed a dime and I have never been in debt.

You do not need to spend a lot of money to get customers. Barter for space, do without business cards and letterhead, give free seminars at the local schools to get free marketing, write articles for your local paper, use a free Facebook page or some other social networking site as your website until you can afford a website (we provide many marketing ideas with our programs to help you market your business on a shoestring budget).

Don’t ruin your chances of success and realizing your dream of becoming a profitable social skills trainer by blowing your money on stuff that you don’t need. Contact me anytime after you purchase your social skills trainer certification program and we can discuss how to bootstrap your business-it is one of my favorite topics.

  1. Evangelize

If you want to make money teaching social skills you must evangelize. Sell yourself and your wonderful social skills training service! You are your own best salesperson. No one knows how great your service is more than you. Never miss an opportunity to tell the people you meet how important teaching children and teens social skills is and that you are the go-to expert in your community.

Change your mindset now if you consider evangelizing the same as bragging. Social skills training is very important and it is a social skills trainer’s job to educate the community. A social skills trainer is responsible for helping the members of the community see the benefits of teaching children and teens social skills and life skills. Imagine how great our community can be if all of our members are well socialized!

Social skills trainers:

  • make the future of children and teens more successful,
  • make families more loving and polite to one another,
  • make classrooms less disruptive
  • make the communities safer, more polite and more productive.

You can make money teaching social skills If you love the idea of teaching children and teens social skills, life skills and communication skills and you want to open a social skills training business, you can! Social Skills Company provides you all of the necessary training and curriculums to be a success.