Teach children patience
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6 Tips to Teach Children Patience

Who doesn't like instant gratification? When we want something, we want it now! Unfortunately, sometimes we have to be patient and wait. Waiting can be frustrating for people of any age. For children, waiting is especially hard. Patience is…
social skills curriculum brings peaceful discourse
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Social Skills Curriculum Stops Political Nastiness

Wanted: Social Skills Curriculum “You feckless complicit piece of s#-t!” the attention-seeking comedienne(?) Kathy Griffin tweeted to the First Lady of the United States. In today’s highly charged political climate the vitriol coming…
social skills curriculum for elementary school - parents never humiliate their children
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Raunchy Tee Proves Mom Needs a Social Skills Curriculum for Elementary School

Texas mom needs a social skills curriculum for elementary school. Shelly McCullar, the mother of a 10-year-old, says she sent her son to school, inadvertently, in a lewd t-shirt. The provocative shirt depicted the iconic McDonald’s “golden…
Young girl displaying poor social skills as identified by a social skills coach
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A Social Skills Coach Debates Procrastination

Alarmed Social Skills Coach Have you ever faced a quickly approaching deadline and said, “I’ll get to it soon. I have plenty of time to finish.” Maybe, if you were being perfectly honest with yourself, you might admit that what you…
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Telling Women What to Wear is Bad Social Skills

Telling Women What to Wear The New York Times recently published an opinion piece by contributor Honor Jones entitled, “Why Yoga Pants Are Bad for Women.” It seems that Jones arose early one Sunday morning with a sudden inclination to get…
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Bad Social Skills Can Be Criminal!

Bad social skills can be considered criminal! Kirsty Sharman, a twenty-six-year old resident of Staffordshire, England has pleaded guilty to a public order offense after displaying terrible social skills. Sadly, Sharman’s actions prove…
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Five Tips for Expressing Opinions Politely

Teaching elementary and middle school aged children social skills is more crucial today than ever before. One recent survey shows that seventy-seven percent of people polled think social skills are worse now than they were just twenty years…
friends practice modern etiquette
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Modern Etiquette Makes Kind People

I was introduced to a lovely woman recently by a friend. My friend, who knows me well, threw into the introduction the fact that I write modern etiquette programs and curriculums. Lo and behold, the same thing that always happened, happened… When…
friends practice modern etiquette
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Is That Behavior Acceptable or Unacceptable?

A survey asked young adults about some common public behaviors. Respondents were asked, "Do you think that behavior is acceptable or unacceptable?" The following animation provides the results of the survey. As you watch ask yourself, "How would…
friends practice modern etiquette
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Listen Like You Mean It Infographic

We've all been there. We start a conversation with someone and are upset to see that the person is clearly not listening. Not paying attention when someone is speaking not only demonstrates poor social skills, it is hurtful and makes us feel…