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Become a Children's Social Skills Trainer

Why do so many people settle for mediocre work that leaves them bored, uninspired and unfulfilled? What about you? Are you excited to wake up each day or are your days a grind? Are you making your short time on the planet meaningful? Does your…
tips to listen like you mean it
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Listen Like You Mean It Infographic

We've all been there. We start a conversation with someone and are upset to see that the person is clearly not listening. Not paying attention when someone is speaking not only demonstrates poor social skills, it is hurtful and makes us feel…
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Friendship Statistics: How Do You Stack Up?

Friendship is important to us because we human beings are social creatures who thrive on social interaction. Being social doesn't have anything to do with our level of extroversion or introversion. Everyone needs someone with whom to chat, break…