Teach children patience
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6 Tips to Teach Children Patience

Who doesn't like instant gratification? When we want something, we want it now! Unfortunately, sometimes we have to be patient and wait. Waiting can be frustrating for people of any age. For children, waiting is especially hard. Patience is…
social skills curriculum for elementary school - parents never humiliate their children
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Raunchy Tee Proves Mom Needs a Social Skills Curriculum for Elementary School

Texas mom needs a social skills curriculum for elementary school. Shelly McCullar, the mother of a 10-year-old, says she sent her son to school, inadvertently, in a lewd t-shirt. The provocative shirt depicted the iconic McDonald’s “golden…
Young girl displaying poor social skills as identified by a social skills coach
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A Social Skills Coach Debates Procrastination

Alarmed Social Skills Coach Have you ever faced a quickly approaching deadline and said, “I’ll get to it soon. I have plenty of time to finish.” Maybe, if you were being perfectly honest with yourself, you might admit that what you…
friends practice modern etiquette
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Modern Etiquette Makes Kind People

I was introduced to a lovely woman recently by a friend. My friend, who knows me well, threw into the introduction the fact that I write modern etiquette programs and curriculums. Lo and behold, the same thing that always happened, happened… When…
tips to listen like you mean it
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Listen Like You Mean It Infographic

We've all been there. We start a conversation with someone and are upset to see that the person is clearly not listening. Not paying attention when someone is speaking not only demonstrates poor social skills, it is hurtful and makes us feel…

Gopher Tortoises Fight But Kids Shouldn't

Gopher tortoises fight to solve conflicts. They bump and ram until one of them runs away. A gopher tortoise fight is normal but it is not the way well socialized children should handle conflict. Watch this video to see how NOT to handle conflict…
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Are You Brutally Honest or Do You Just Lack Tact?

Have some tact. “I like your purple door.” comments a passing neighbor. “Other people don’t, but I do…and who cares about them anyway, right?” she chuckles flippantly as she strolls away. “Hmmm...not really a compliment,”…

Social Capital is Earned through Good Social Skills

Jennifer looked up from her computer screen when she heard the light knock. A fairly new co-worker waited expectantly at the entrance to Jennifer’s cubicle. “Jennifer, I would like to discuss that snide comment you made yesterday after…
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Friendship Statistics: How Do You Stack Up?

Friendship is important to us because we human beings are social creatures who thrive on social interaction. Being social doesn't have anything to do with our level of extroversion or introversion. Everyone needs someone with whom to chat, break…

Polite Assertion is Powerful

Jade is an accomplished tri-athlete. She has competed nationally and internationally for many years and understands everything about the sport from training and technique, to nutrition. Her expertise and notoriety has helped her build a successful…