Presidents must be role models of good social skills
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A President's Social Skills Matter

You need a healthy ego to consider yourself worthy to be the President of the United States of America. How many of us believe we have the smarts, temperament, resilience, education, energy, sophistication, negotiating skills, diplomacy,…
consequence for choice to bare shoulders and violate dress code
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Consequences for Choice to Violate Dress Code

Consequences for a choice. Summer, a senior at Hickory Ridge High School in Harrisburg, North Carolina was suspended for violating her school’s dress code. She admits that she knew, when she chose the off-the-shoulder shirt, that it was in…
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Stephen Colbert Has Free Speech

Comedian Stephen Colbert offended viewers when he ripped into President Trump during a monologue on his late-night television talk show. Social media blew up, people arguing that his comments were homophobic, crude, and overly aggressive. Stephen…
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Muddy Jeans Cause Uproar!

Displayed with the designer jeans at Nordstrom is the new Barracuda Straight Leg Jean. Weighing in at a whopping $425 a pair, these lux dungarees are covered in a “caked-on muddy coating” and look tough and beat-as though the gentleman who…
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Are You Brutally Honest or Do You Just Lack Tact?

Have some tact. “I like your purple door.” comments a passing neighbor. “Other people don’t, but I do…and who cares about them anyway, right?” she chuckles flippantly as she strolls away. “Hmmm...not really a compliment,”…
social skills trainer

Etiquette vs. Social Skills

People ask us all the time to explain the difference between etiquette and social skills. It is a great question! We have created a short animation to help explain the difference. If…
make money teaching social skills
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Can I Make Money Teaching Social Skills?

Can I make money teaching social skills? Yes you can make money teaching social skills! Society needs people to teach children and teens social skills. Use these five smart strategies and open a successful social skills training company. Five…
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What Are Social Skills?

What are social skills? Social skills are the skills necessary to appropriately communicate and interact with others. Why do we need to teach children social skills? We are not born socialized. When we are born, we fail to understand the…
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Social Skills Trainers Pick a Mighty Purpose

During his confirmation hearing for a seat on the United States Supreme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch was asked about the legacy he hoped to leave behind after his death. He used the following quote by George Bernard Shaw to help answer the question. “This…