Another video of an airline employee in an altercation with a customer has gone viral.


Dear Everyone on Earth,


If you use poor social skills in public you will

be recorded and the video uploaded

to Youtube.



Everyone Else on Earth


Why are the stars of the viral video du jour so dense? Do they believe that they are immune to the video function of the smartphone? Perhaps they simply have poor social skills.

WE Are Big Brother

There have been 2.6 billion smartphones sold worldwide. That means that there are 2.6 billion video cameras sitting in 2.6 billion hands ready to point and shoot. One-third of the people on the planet have the opportunity to record you! In fact, I would say that one-third of the people on the planet are chomping at the bit to record each other in compromising positions.

We are thankful for those videos that catch real human rights abuses. But what percentage of the 2 billion videos viewed per day on Youtube are actually promoting social justice and what percentage of those videos are catching people using poor social skills?

Dire Consequences

The implications of living in a video obsessed culture are profound. Children and teenagers must be educated to always use proper social skills in public where there is a high likelihood that their actions will be recorded and made public on social media. Like it or not, reputations are at stake with every public interaction. If caught in even a single act displaying bad judgment, children and teenagers run the very real risk of ending up part of a humiliating viral video or news story. At a minimum, college admissions staff and potential employers can view them in compromising situations using simple Google searches.

The social skills required to be polite, manage conflicts appropriately, communicate effectively, and practice good behavior are, in this age, more important than ever. Young people need to know the proper social skills to build and nurture relationships, use proper etiquette and display good composure, and make positive impressions. These social skills need to become habits, so that when unanticipated or stressful situations arise, young people behave maturely and responsibly.

Unfortunately, many young people have no clue about the implications of posting on social media, pervasive and intrusive video, and the impact of their choices. Children and teenagers need social skills instruction.

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