The objective of social skills training is to teach children and teens social skills. Sometimes completing that task is easier said than done. Not every “trainer” is good at training. While a great social skills trainer excites and engages participants, a poor trainer falls flat. Bad trainers bore their audiences to sleep, stumble through the subject matter, provide inaccurate information, mismanage the time, and overall create a terrible learning experience. A good social skills trainer paired with the best social skills curriculum is the key to a successful social skills training.

What separates the great social skills trainers from the duds? Are great trainers simply born great?

Great social skills trainers are trained well!

The Skills of Great Trainers

Confident and Competent

Great social skills trainers are self-assured. They stand before their participants with confidence and poise and own the room. But confidence only goes so far, great trainers must also be competent. Competence means they possess the knowledge and skills to teach the participants the social skills curriculum. Great social skills trainers become experts in the discipline of social skills and in the field of training. Once a person has gained that expertise, confidence will follow.

Knows the Content Cold

A great trainer knows the content inside and out. It is unacceptable to stand before an audience without complete command of the subject matter. Reading from notes, relying on Powerpoint slides, or stumbling and bumbling through the information because one is unprepared, is a recipe for failure. Becoming an expert in social skills is a necessary step toward being a successful trainer.

Proper Preparation

Preparing for a training takes forethought and commitment. It involves everything from managing the agenda to designing the perfect seating arrangement. A great trainer plans a training down to the tiniest detail. The best social skills trainers take time to rehearse the curriculum over and over and walk through the training to plan every step. A well-prepared training seems flawless to the participants. Proper preparation is the key to a great learning experience. Trainers who are well prepared create contingency plans and are able to problem solve because they have planned for bumps and glitches.

Knows the Audience

A great trainer knows the audience’s age and experience level, goals and needs. That way they can do a little customization before the training to ensure it is engaging, appropriate and fulfills the learning objective.

Great trainers keep a finger on the pulse of the audience. They look and listen for verbal and nonverbal cues from the audience that tell the trainer how to pace the content.

Stays on Course

There is nothing that eats up the designated training time like going off on unnecessary tangents. Great social skills trainers refrain from telling side stories, answering irrelevant questions, and allowing participants to highjack the training. One of the benefits of the Social Skills Co. train-the-trainer programs is the word-for-word social skills curriculums that come with each program. They help trainers control the pace of the training by telling social skills trainers exactly what to say and when to say it, when to listen to students and when to introduce games, exercises and activities to reinforce topics. Our social skills curriculums work so well because they keep the training on course so that all of the important social skills content is delivered.

Adds Unique Magic

The best social skills trainers add their own unique magic to their trainings. They personalize their trainings by infusing them with their special talents like musical and artistic ability, literary ability, or science acumen. Their participants rave about their trainings afterwards because the experience was informative and rare. The best social skills trainers become the go-to social skills experts in their area because they provide a service that others cannot duplicate.

We Make Great Social Skills Trainers!

Social Skills Company takes social skills training very seriously. We provide social skills train-the-trainer certification programs that include all of the information necessary to become a great trainer. Our word-for-word social skills curriculums eliminate the problems that ineffective trainers face like creating and adhering to a well thought out and creative lesson plan, teaching accurate information, and managing time. Games, exercises and activities are peppered throughout the curriculums to reinforce topics and keep student participants engaged and interested in the content. Social Skills Co. is accredited through The International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) ensuring the we provide the highest-quality instruction.

If you would like to teach social skills and etiquette to children and teenagers and be the best social skills trainer that you can be, pick a social skills trainer certification program today and start your online training program immediately. Don’t stand for mediocre, be great!