One of the jobs of a life skills trainer is to teach teenagers how to cook. Cooking allows young adults to take care of themselves and enjoy the foods that they love. When life skills trainers teach teens to cook there is no need to rely on take-out, pizza delivery and ramen noodles. Being able to assemble familiar and delicious meals makes young adults feel more comfortable in their own apartments, encourages them to entertain their friends and family, helps them to choose nutritious foods and aids them in saving money.

In this little cooking video,

my young children tackle Tiramisu to demonstrate how easy it can be for young adults to tackle even elegant recipes.

Seth and Willow, the bakers of the video, use the recipe from the back of the Alessi Savoiardi (lady finger cookies) package. Recipes found on the backs of familiar products are a wonderful way for young adults to learn how to cook for a number of reasons.

  • The recipes are well tested,
  • the ingredients are listed on the package in the store so they are easy to gather,
  • the recipes are usually easy to assemble,
  • the final results are delicious.

A bonus that occurred on this video was watching how well Willow and Seth worked as a team to complete the recipe. Their manners were impeccable and they treated each other respectfully and politely. Willow and Seth have been well trained in etiquette and social skills and it shows. Their behavior demonstrates the most important reason that we practice modern etiquette and social skills and that is to be respectful and to put others at ease.

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