We’ve all been there. We start a conversation with someone and are upset to see that the person is clearly not listening. Not paying attention when someone is speaking not only demonstrates poor social skills, it is hurtful and makes us feel like we don’t matter. It happens a lot these days, people divide their attention between their live conversation and their virtual conversation. People try to keep one eye on their phone and one ear toward the person to whom they are supposed to be listening. They even say, “I know it is rude to be looking at my phone but I just need to…” Unfortunately it is really hard to really pay attention to someone when focused on something else.

Learning to listen like you mean it is a very important social skill and communication skill for children and teens to master. It is impossible to build meaningful relationships when you are only half in. It is disrespectful to pretend to listen to someone else and makes it seem like to you they are of no value. When you build a reputation as someone who doesn’t listen like you mean it people begin to distrust you because they can’t be sure that you are taking in all of the information they are providing. This is especially dangerous in work situations because managers and coworkers have to be able to rely on a person to complete assignments.

The following infographic gives some tips about how to listen like you mean it. It explains how the speaker feels when you don’t listen and how she wishes her listener would behave.

tips to listen like you mean it

Learning to listen like you mean it infographic


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