Noah gains insights about important life skills topic

Make Your Bed Noah!

Guest blogger, Noah (my eldest), will provide a book review and thoughts about the simple yet powerful life skill, making the bed. Take it away Noah!

Hello! My name is Noah. I am fifteen and proud to be a sophomore cadet at the local military academy. Last week, my dad’s friend, an ex-marine and successful test pilot and elite trainer for one of the largest helicopter manufacturers, was kind enough to give me a copy of the best-seller; Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life…and Maybe the World by Admiral William H. McRaven (U.S. Navy Retired).

As a cadet at a military academy, I was very inspired by Admiral William H. McRaven, a former Navy Seal and the Chancellor of the University of Texas System. Even though I am only a teenager, his personal stories were relatable. The descriptions of his experiences in Navy Seal training and after made the book interesting and hard to put down because I wanted to learn what happened next. It never felt like the author was talking down to me. It felt like he was giving me useful life skills training to be a successful adult.

For example, he described his daily inspection, a process that I have every Monday during my JROTC class. I know firsthand how it feels to have an instructor inspect my uniform, my shoes and my haircut. Cadets don’t board at my school so the bed inspection that he had to go through, luckily, I don’t… my mom reminds me a lot though.

I liked when he discussed hard work and determination especially during his long open water swims. I swam competitively for eight years and sometimes we had to swim 5K open water swims-not at night like him, thankfully. Our swims were hard and uncomfortable during the day in eighty degree salt water so I can only imagine the toughness and courage it took to swim in the pitch black of night through eight foot swells in the freezing cold…with sharks.

I made the hard but right choice to give up swimming to compete on my school’s “JROTC Raider” team-Junior ROTC equivalent of the Army ROTC “Ranger” competition in college. We work just as hard as in swimming, but now I get to run through the mud, climb walls, go through obstacles and carry a litter. Not only does this training force me to work hard, it teaches me about the importance of teamwork. I am glad that I learned how to work hard as a swimmer because now when I am in pain and would rather quit than keep running with a thirty pound rucksack on my back, I know that I can push through and help my teammates to finish too. I can relate to Admiral McRaven’s advice to surround myself with others because my success depends on it.

Admiral McRaven begins each chapter by saying, “If you want to change the world…” In his book he gives ten ways to change the world, the first way is to make your bed. Some of the ways to change the world have to do with being determined and courageous. Each of the ten tips is helpful and makes you think about how to be great.

Admiral McRaven’s words are smart and motivating. I have decided to challenge myself and see if I can make my bed every day. He says that the simple act of making my bed each day will give me a sense of accomplishment and provide structure even when the going gets tough. If a four-star Navy Admiral thinks that making my bed every day is an opportunity for me to start each day on the right track than I am going to give it a try-plus it will make my mom happy.

Thank you Noah! Some excellent insights into being the best you can be, tackling life’s challenges and contributing to the world. Social Skills Company highly recommends this inspiring book to anyone who wants to have a meaningful and powerful life.

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