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Become a Children's Social Skills Trainer

Why do so many people settle for mediocre work that leaves them bored, uninspired and unfulfilled? What about you? Are you excited to wake up each day or are your days a grind? Are you making your short time on the planet meaningful? Does your…

How To Be a Great Social Skills Trainer

The objective of social skills training is to teach children and teens social skills. Sometimes completing that task is easier said than done. Not every “trainer” is good at training. While a great social skills trainer excites and engages…
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What Are Social Skills?

What are social skills? Social skills are the skills necessary to appropriately communicate and interact with others. Why do we need to teach children social skills? We are not born socialized. When we are born, we fail to understand the…
social skills trainer

Social Skills Trainers Pick a Mighty Purpose

During his confirmation hearing for a seat on the United States Supreme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch was asked about the legacy he hoped to leave behind after his death. He used the following quote by George Bernard Shaw to help answer the question. “This…