A survey asked young adults about some common public behaviors. Respondents were asked, “Do you think that behavior is acceptable or unacceptable?” The following animation provides the results of the survey. As you watch ask yourself, “How would I answer each of the survey questions?” “Do I think that behavior is acceptable or unacceptable?”

We practice good social skills to get along well with others so that society runs as smoothly and as peacefully as possible. As citizens it is up to each one of us to conduct ourselves in a way that does not disrupt or interfere with the lives of others. Everyday we must make decisions about our own behavior and ask if it is acceptable or unacceptable. It may be more convenient to engage in certain behaviors but that doesn’t necessarily make those behaviors acceptable. Living among strangers in a society means that we have to make concessions and curb certain behaviors. We have an obligation to act in a manner that is socially acceptable when we choose to live among others.

It is important to teach children social skills so that they learn how to live appropriately in society. In our fast-paced world children need to master those critical social skills necessary to be successful, well-functioning adults. Without proper social skills training children and teens run the risk of missing opportunities, offending others, and engaging in risky anti-social behaviors. Children and teens need to learn social skills so that they can make decisions about their own acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

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